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Today we are publishing our Welsh Language Standards Annual Report 2021/22

At the end of the National Inclusion Week, we are launching the Report explaining how we have promoted and facilitated the use of the Welsh language in 2021/22.

2021/22 is the first full year of our compliance with all our Welsh language standards.

We have had many successes this year. For example, we

  • expanded the range of software available to our staff in Welsh
  • translated key sections of our Intranet
  • noted an increase in the proportion of our staff who have fairly good or fluent Welsh language skills.

We have not received any complaints about Welsh provision of
our services in 2021/22.

However, although we are confident that we comply with the standards, we know that we need to do more.

For example, our data consistently shows that only a small proportion of people who complain to us state that Welsh is the main language of their household. Also, only a very small proportion choose to complain to us in Welsh.

We will be looking to address those and other areas under our new Strategic Plan which is currently open for consultation.

You can view our Welsh Language Standards Annual Report 2021/22 here.

If you have any queries about the Report or would like to discuss it further, please contact Ania Rolewska (Head of Policy, Communications and EDI) at  or 07960 921 959.